Classical Piano Instruction in Winterville, NC

Yee Wing Chan Piano Studio is dedicated to providing students of all ages and levels with a well-rounded music education experience. The studio offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes private piano lessons, musicianship classes, performance workshops and recitals. This integrative approach helps students develop both cognitive and physical skills to play with beauty and expression.

Yee Wing Chan Piano Studio is actively involved in the following professional music teaching organizations: Music Teachers National Association (MTNA), North Carolina Music Teachers National Association (NCMTA), and Greenville Piano Teachers Association (GPTA). These organizations provide students with various opportunities, such as the MTNA National Student Competitions, NCMTA District and State Piano Performance Festivals, and GPTA Piano Festival. Students are motivated to improve their skills when they work towards a rewarding musical goal; and therefore, they are encouraged to participate in these events with teacher guidance.

Explore this website for further information. If you are interested in joining the studio, please call or email to schedule an interview.

Yee Wing Chan, M.M.
Phone: (919) 619-7888